Teacher Tips

Check here every Tuesday for a new teaching tip that will help make your life easier. We will scour the internet, look at our own teaching, ask our favorite teacher friends, post videos, and even try new things for the sake of sharing an excellent tip for your classroom. And for the parents out there, hopefully you’ll enjoy these, too!

The Power of a Post-It
Just Breathe: Meaningful “Value” Added & Higher Standardized Test Scores in Just 8 Minutes a Day!
Bringing the Joy Factor: New Energizers for Your Classroom (Or At Home)
Are You Ready For Some Football? Teacher Tips for Super Bowl Monday
A Place to Reflect: Using a Think Book
Using Morning Messages
There’s An App For That
De-stress THE TEST!

2 responses to “Teacher Tips

  1. Yes, we agree! This blog is an example of the collaboration we value so deeply. None of us can do alone what can be done as a team. 🙂 If you have any ideas about how to develop a collaborative team, let us know–maybe you can guest blog!


  2. I am very excited to provide solid reading instruction to my students using targeted small groups and a myriad of other methods. This is all possible because of the awesome collaboration that takes place in my primary department! Collaboration is key!


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