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Rachel is currently coaching teachers in Chicago Public Schools. To become better at her new job, she is devouring books on communication, mindset, effective coaching, and asking good questions. Suggestions welcome. At the same time, Rachel is the proud mother of a one year old son who loves to climb on items and then walk off of them with no regard to the height of the drop, confident his parents will catch him. When she isn’t taking deep breaths to keep from panicking, she will often find herself eating hot-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies, watching Gilmore Girls, or making plans to be a better person (that she rarely sees to completion, but hey, a girl can try.) Currently reading: “Mortal Heart” by Robin LeFevers and “Decisive” by Dan and Chip Heath Currently watching: Gilmore Girls and Battlestar Galactica

IMG_2172(My best attempt at a selfie)

Here are my blog posts to date:

For Starters (January 10th 2014)
Saying Goodbye (January 30th 2014)
Small Steps (February 6th 2014)
What My Test Scores Don’t Measure (February 13th 2013)
My House Is A Deathtrap For Children (February 20th 2014)
February is the End of the World (February 27th 2014)
Why I Believe In the Cry It Out Method (March 6th 2014)
It’s So Frustrating (March 13th 2014)
The View Past The Limit (March 20 2014)
I’m Pretty Much Nailing This Parenting Thing (March 27th 2014)
Is This Really My Body? (April 3rd 2014)
Lessons Learned While Teaching the Alphabet (April 10th 2014)
Hugs, Duct Tape, and Learning to Be Brave (April 17th 2014)
Swallow the Pink Fear Pill (April 24th 2014)
The Brutal Honesty of a Photograph (May 1st 2014)
The Many Shades of Appreciation (May 8th 2014)
This is Good: All of It (May 15th 2014)
Catching Vomit In My Hands: A Teaching Fail and A Parenting Win (May 22 2014)
I’ve Had Enough of the News. (May 29th 2014)
My (Almost) Perfect Son (June 5th 2014)
Angry ‘Cuz You’re Moving On Without Me (June 12th 2014)
Forgive Me For This Crappy Goodbye (June 19th 2014)
God Bless Daycare (June 26th 2014)
The Hustle Is Sold Separately (July 3 2014)
You Can’t Have It All (July 10th 2014)
There’s No Such Thing As A Runner’s High (July 17th 2014)
It Takes A Butthead To Know One (July 24th 2014)
Five Tips I’ve Learned About Work From My Mentor (July 31st 2014)
How to Make a Baby: The First Year (August 7th 2014)
The Death of a Child (August 14th 2014)
I am so sick of the ice bucket challenge (August 21st 2014)
You’re Doing It Right (At Least Some Of It) (August 28th 2014)
Spilling Red Wine On My Favorite White Dress (September 4th 2014)
Minding Your Own Business (September 13th 2014)
My Dog Has Serious Bathroom Issues and I’m the Center of My Universe (September 19th 2014)
Facebook is Ruining My Life (September 26th 2014)
My Church Gave Me $500 And It Has Brought Me Nothing But Angst (October 6th 2014)
Making Time For Making A Marriage (October 10th 2014)
My Mental Breakdown In The Middle Of A Target Store (October 24th 2014)
It’s OK To Buy Bigger Pants (November 6th 2014)
Winter is Coming (December 4th 2014)
How I’m Talking To My Son About Race and Police Brutality (Guest Blog by Conni Nevills) (December 12th 2014)
Chocolate Chip Cookies, Boogers, and Board Books: An Honest Inside Look At The Life of A Working Mom (December 19th 2014)
How’s That New Year’s Resolution Going? (January 8th 2015)
Will You Be My Friend (January 15 2015)
My Screen-Free Bedroom (And the 4 Best Ways It Has Changed My Life) (January 29 2015)
My House and I are Breaking Up. Here are the Juicy Details (March 9 2015)
Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Week: The Most Unsexy Jobs of All (May 8 2015)
I am a needy, tired, sick, strong woman (September 30 2015)
My wishy-washy goals for 2016 (January 9 2016)
Pomegranates and really bad bedtime routines (January 15 2016)
Sometimes I don’t want to be your friend (February 19 2016)

2 responses to “Rachel’s Blog

  1. Hi Edwin,

    This was the most incredible gift! Your poem truly moved me, and I am so glad you got to read about how much it meant to me. Thank you for your honesty in the poem, and thank you for reaching out. It means more to me than you know!



  2. Hi, Rachel,

    I’m the poet who wrote “One Good Thing.” I just want to thank you for your kind comment about it on your blog. I taught high school English for 32 years and I wish you all the best in your life as a teacher.


    Edwin Romond, Wind Gap, PA


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