About Us

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Rachel, just graduated from college, had spent the summer sending out resumes to over one hundred Chicago Public Schools. After calling one school ten times, she wore down the principal who told her, “You can have the job if you really want it.”

Karen left a partnership in her law firm to start a career in teaching. Dual certified in special and general education, she was passionate about spearheading the co-teaching model, integrating all students into the least restrictive environment for their learning.

Both women ended up teaching middle school at the same school on Chicago’s South East side.

Karen saw Rachel rolling her suitcase of teaching materials off of the Metra train and into the school and asked if she could give her a ride. The rest is ourstory.

8 responses to “About Us

  1. Amazing blog… πŸ™‚


  2. I’m a South East Side teacher blogger too! Can’t wait to read your blog. Happy Blogging.


  3. Wonderful, amazing site! Look forward to all the reviews and inspiration to come!


  4. Love you two! So happy you are doing this. Look toward to reading all the posts!


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